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Snow Photographer


Hi! I'm Marina, The photography lover and the girl behind the camera.

My interest in photography goes way back when I was a child. Looking at my grandmother and parent's old pictures were so interesting because it told story. I love photography because it captures moments which we can never retrieve. Seeing the image captured in that specific moments are beautiful even if we make funny face! Feeling of nostalgia and sometimes to reminisce are joys we can get from just looking at pictures. It's not living in the past but simply enjoying the good memories while focusing and being in the present. 

My passion is with Portraits and food photography.

Each portrait photo session is unique to me because everyone is different and I enjoy getting to know them! 

Food photography gives me joy because I love food. Each ingredients are so different in texture, color and shape. I love to capture the vibrancy and uniqueness of it. 

If you are interested in getting a portrait photography or like to promote your beautiful and tasty food contact me! 

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